Platform for Enterprise LLM/Gen AI Applications

Accelerate how you build and deploy Gen-AI using best-of-breed components with our LLM integrations that give you the freedom to adapt as your needs evolve. 

Work with multiple model providers and Large Language Models (LLMs) seamlessly via a single easy to use interface.

Test, deploy, and iterate with ease.

Prompt Engineering toolkit

With Scalaix, you can streamline the process of determining the best model for your needs or testing different prompt variations. Scalaix's collaboration-focused prompt engineering toolkit is designed to allow teams to do prompt experimentation, deploy prompts without any code changes.


Build scalable AI applications.

Prompt engineering, scalability and multiple LLM support. 

Made for teams

Add team members, collaborate on prompts and APIs.

Ease of Integration

Support JSON, XML and CSV output to enable easy integrations into any stack. 

Versioning Support

Work is versioned to allow backward compatibility. 

Any LLM, Single API

Supports all major LLM, easily switch with single interface. 


Receive updates on the latest developments in AI, new features of large language models, and information on Scalaix products.